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Sixth Annual Report: My Success

I know that I publish this late, but better late than never.

On the 5th of December 2004 when I was 22 years old I changed my life 180 degrees. I quit my earlier very special life and moved back to Sweden to change my life totally and start a new life. I can now for the first time reveal that I had left the Sea Org after being a member for 5 years. I was 17 when I left school and joined the Sea Org. I am today no longer involved in or have any contact with the Church of Scientology. One day I might give you my story but not now and not in this report. I can just for now say that there are both good and bad things in Scientology and that I am no longer a member.

I had no money, education, experience or connections and some people highly doubted that I could get successful. In fact before I left I was told by a few members of the Sea Org that I will never succeed with anything in my life if I left. Personally I took it as a great challenge and wanted to prove to myself that I was in fact an able person and that I could build up a new life and get successful. I started by borrowing my mothers computer and begun to learn HTML and internet marketing.

That is now 6 years ago.

Every year since then I publish an annual report how the year has gone and with future plans for the next year. Every year I try to do more good.

This is the sixth annual report for 2010.

If you are interested, read my 5 previous reports here:

If you want a short summary I can say that today I am very happily married, have a great son and a new baby on the way. We love each other so much it’s like crazy. I have a successful company and have reached great success with internet marketing (search engine optimization) for myself and my clients. I have since then learned programming and built N.nu which is now used by over 15 000 people worldwide (currently growing by around 1000 per week) and that single project is now covering my salary and all costs of my company. I have learned everything myself (HTML, CSS, SEO, PHP etc.) from home using a simple computer, searching on Google and testing for myself. I live a fantastic life and I am today very happy and reaching the dreams of my life.

My family

Main highlights from 2010

Biggest objective of 10 000 active websites reached in N.nu

N.nu is my project that I built and where I offer everyone to make their own website for free. When I put the objective of 10 000 in january 2010 I had just around 300. I am very happy that I reached 10 000 on the 13th of December in 2010.

And now on the 13th of February I have more than 15 000 active websites.

Here is a graph:

Second objective of $10 000 gross income from N.nu reached

It is possible for users to upgrade their free website in N.nu and get some more features such as using a real .com domain and so forth. The objective was that the income from this will reach at least $10 000 and it was reached as well with $12K. While this cannot cover the costs for a normal salary, taxes and expenses it was my objective and I reached it. 2.1% of the users has upgraded and I intend to increase this to 3%.

Summary of 2010

I guess that around 80% of my work time was spent on building N.nu to it’s current state and programming a lot of features. 20% was spent on clients. But today I don’t really have any clients anymore and I am slowly shifting focus to work 100% on N.nu. We also spent a month living in Madrid, which was nice.

Another change was that I was working like an employed person around 40 hours a week. When I don’t work I spend my time with my lovely family.

Goals for 2011

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About the Author Jim Westergren Jim Westergren is a web entrepreneur from Sweden now living in Bolivia. He is happily married and has two lovely children. Some of his interests are web development, SEO and writing. He is the Founder and CTO of TodaysWeb and his current major project is N.nu. Read his . Follow Jim on Twitter or Google+.
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  • http://political-economy.com/ Mark Biernat

    First and foremost you and your family look great. If you did nothing else in your life but have a happy family you are a winner. I like your statement ‘we love each other so much its like crazy’. This is how I feel about family also. I believe there is real love in the world and I live it as you do.

    Second about your N.nu I was watching with a little cautious skepticism to see how it would work. But I am happy to see it is taking off. In retrospect, I was thinking why would it not? I think if you create something of value, people will find it use it and tell others about it. I have of course liked it on FB.

    Third about your savings and income. Since you have had the experience of living in a high cost and low cost country (based on your other annual reports) I think to some extent you are freer than most people regarding money.

    You need it, but you have a broader perspective and it is something that is a product of your labor, a store of value, rather than the only thing out there. So whether you realize it or not, living in South America I think changed your perspective a bit in a good way or maybe you were already there.

    I hope 2011 will be equally rewarding in its own ways for you.

  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren

    Thank you Mark!

    I am glad to hear that you also experience this kind of love.

    Yes, living in Bolivia has been great for me. I recommend it to others that have lived in a modern western culture all of their lives.

    I hope this year will be great for you as well!

  • http://www.thepraveen.com Praveen

    I am so glad to hear this. Congratulations on becoming a father for second time.
    And Congrats for the wonderful stuff that you keep doing.

    Take care and All the very best for a great year!


  • http://hittaupplevelse.se Carl Stridsberg

    Hej Jim!

    Du verkar ha ett fint liv och en underbar liten familj!

    Ta vara på tiden med de “smau”. Snart har de växt upp och flugit ur boet. Det är otroligt hur fort det går egentligen!

    Nu sitter man här själv och är farfar. :)

    Önskar dig och din familj allt gott i livet!

    “Keep up the good work”

  • http://www.nobel-prize-winner.com Håkan Liljeqvist

    Jim! Det är verkligen inspirerande att läsa om dig, din familj och dina projekt. Det ger mig så mycket inspiration, energi och glädje. Självfallet har jag testat din nya tjänst n.nu och jag hoppas att 2011 kan bli året då du riktigt får snurr på den tjänsten.

    Fortsätt att leva ut dina drömmar och älska din familj! Det borde vara prio ett för alla.

    mvh / Håkan Liljeqvist

  • http://propertymarbellaapartments.com/ Property Marbella

    Hejsan Jim,
    Lika roligt varje år att läsa om ditt liv, Alvin, Neyda och du ser ut att trivas och må riktigt bra i Sverige. Jag missade ditt mail när du var nere i Mardrid. (sorry). Ett stort grattis till att Ni skall bli en större familj (små barn små problem-stora barn stora problem) och att din N.nu projekt går så bra. Men det sade jag jag redan förra året att du skulle lyckas, vilket du har gjort!! Hoppas att du kommer att nå upp till dina nya mål för 2011.

    //Lennart i marbella

  • http://www.seochester.co.uk/ Stuart

    Hey Jim – N.nu is doing great, that is an amazing growth pattern – nice to see such a recent online sucess story and personal happiness with it :-)

  • http://www.ocweddingphotographer.us OC Wedding Photograp

    I love the story thanks for this great and dramatic article
    Congratulation for your achievement Jim

  • http://www.submitcube.com/ submitcube

    Excellent life story in a nut-shell. Arouses motivation in any sensible human being. Wish you more & more success in proffesional & personal front.

  • http://www.alongit.com Shekhar

    Its nice to see your story and my dream…. I was wanting to go ahead with such venture way back… But oh what a miss…. and I am nowhere.. Anyways, Best of luck for your way ahead.. wish to meet you someday…. hahaha (just day Dreaming)

  • http://technocket.com endo

    your family is wonderful, i know everybody who want success must have long way to reach top,i just want to say you are very lucky . now i will bulid my future i hope i have same story like you with my site

  • http://www.dir.tamilsolutions.com Tamil selvan

    Hello sir

    Please Review add my site to addurl.nu
    Thanks for advance.

  • Jach Hart

    Good to see you are doing well, like john Mcmasters, Art Ceppos, Jack Parsons, Richard deMille ,Donald Rogers,Johann Tempelhoff, Vaughn Young,Jim Dincalci , Harvey Haber, Mary Sue Hubbard, Don Breeding, Charles and AVA Berner, Reg Sharpe, Otto Roos, Alan Walters, Evans Farber, Bill Franks,all the greats who worked with Ron on the Apollo and St Hill who have many experiences to relay.

    I particularly enjoy the captivating OT’ stories told by the above from the days of missions into time.

    Good your working towards paying off the 350k for your bridge.

    I was number 21,254 to leave the SO.

  • Jach Hart

    I love your Blog

    You will love this


  • http://www.chandana.me/ Chandana

    This kind of awesome success report make me feel for more dollars

  • http://avh-p3200dvd.org Hans Miller

    Hi Jim,
    Congratulation to your success online. Not many people can really get success online but you have proven it to us as your loyal readers.

  • http://www.lovdell.se Markus L

    Happy to read everything is going that good for you and your family and your business! I just made a page on n.nu with an own domain name and everything is working very good. Gonna get some in links and see what happens with the PR. Should be interesting. Really nice to see you and your wife on some photos. And recognizing some of the places that I have been visiting right now on this trip =D Take care man!

    I see you some day when I come back to Svea!

  • http://www.parv.co.in parv gupta

    great sir!
    thanks for sharing

  • http://www.seospecialist.co.uk/ Markus Jalmerot

    I’m glad to see the quick growth of n.nu. You’ve made a simple and user friendly CMS which I believe will reach over 30k installations this year.

  • http://www.thehustlelusionstore.com/ Hustlelusion

    I read your blog post and am very happy to know that n.nu is doing so well. I haven’t yet create any webpage on it but today I will surely create one.

  • http://www.theparkcitylifestyle.com Park City Realtor

    Congratulations on the milestone!

  • http://www.petterhedman.com/internetmarknadsforing Petter

    Its great to learn more about U and Your business Jim!

    Thanx for beeing open with Ur stuff!

  • http://www.londonremovals.co.uk/MovingQuotationFaxForm.htm Destiny London

    I was extremely delighted to read your story – I did not look at the annual reports , but I think that what is most important is that you accepted the challenges of life and managed to be a happy man ! It is totally inspiring – I wish you to be that happy and successful forever!

  • Sandro Flores

    Hi Jim,

    I founded your history inspirational. I follow this site each time and is a example for much persons.

    Regards from Perú.


  • http://www.seobass.com Florida Internet Mar

    I am so glad to hear this. Congratulations on becoming a father for second time.
    And Congrats for the wonderful stuff that you keep doing.
    Take care and All the very best for a great year!

    I am following you from a long time and trying to build my career in internet marketing

  • http://www.seobass.com What is seo ?

    your family is wonderful, i know everybody who want success must have long way to reach top,i just want to say you are very lucky .
    Looking forward to build something like n.Nu but definitely your guidance would be required

  • andrey

    hey Jim,

    very touched by your online success. I read that you have won SEO competitions too. I would make a suggestion of continuing with seo services too. the income with seo services is good. While keep working with n.nu too.

    Anyways may you succeed in all your marketing campaigns and may your family live the best life. Iam an atheist but it wouldn’t kill me to say good blessings for your family. :)

    P.S. I know this page has PR3 and will help my website but i think i will pass. xD

    andrey wallner
    just another seo guy.

  • http://www.vacationrentalnet.com/ rene

    Huge congrads to you! You certainly have the gift, dedication and focus to reach the success you strive for. Kudos!

  • http://freepaypalmoneyadderhack.blogspot.com Gregory Harding

    Önskar dig och din familj allt gott i livet!

    Take care and live long with the beginning of a new year!

  • http://topcelebritiesphotos.blogspot.com aishwarya

    Hi Jim

    Congratulations for becomes a father of new baby and really an excellent work by you. i really respect your work style

  • http://www.dualeagle.com/ Dual Eagle

    A good story to read, considering that you started all this from scratch. Now all you need is more patience and drive to make it an even bigger project.

  • http://adhd-npf.com/ p-o

    Two men behind bars
    One saw mud
    the other stars
    Merily merily down the stream
    Life is but a dream

    Hey you have been doing some nice surfing here, and probably been praying for a good surf to. Sail on with a good cup of tea or just enjoy the nutritive lessons from Ceylon. Sail On,

    ….eller varför inte segla ut, se gla ut :) även fast du va seg när du la ut. Gött jobbat gubbe!

  • http://www.londonremovals.co.uk/movingtips.htm Dereck Removal

    Making annual report on your life is great idea, that way you can see what you have accomplished and each time you feel bad about yourself you can check it and feel good again!

  • http://2rankingoogle.blogspot.com google

    a very nice info.. thanks alot

  • http://www.pop-net.org NikkiBlu

    This is very inspirational! I was commenting here back in 2006.. Its great to see that you are still here – going strong!

    Best Wishes

  • http://thebestlifequote.com Sussy

    Congratulation for the good work which you are doing Jim.

  • http://thebestlifequote.com Sussy

    Congratulation for the good work which you are doing Jim.Keep the work going.

  • http://www.htysite.com Restsindo-hty

    Persistence and perseverance you should be our example. Many people are successful because they did a round memunyai embroidery. And the desire for change, when all was now living there then how we use and utilize existing resources to us. It required patience, hard work and willingness to go forward.

  • http://www.proseocompany.com Luqman Qadir


    Perhaps, in my case, things were far more worst, but like you secretely said, all you need is an aim =)

    Merry Xmas and a blessed 2012 to you and your family


  • http://blog.beethomas.com Brian@twitter tips

    Happy for you Jim. You haven’t posted here in a while so I’d like to know how 2011 went.

  • http://www.suainlogistics.com/ partha

    nice post. thanks Jim.

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