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"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves." - Thomas A. Edison

Short Stories

The Ultimate Ritual

Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi Size: 1 979 words Written: 6 Jan 2005

Description: Aliath, the most powerful magician, makes the ultimate ritual to find his answer to his riddle of man and is ready to confront God. He arrives thousands of years into the future and what does he see? And does he find his answer?

The Curious Robot

Genre: Humorous Sci-Fi Size: 1 081 words Written: 14 Jan 2004

Description: In a far distant future the human population is small and the robot population large. A new small repair robot with a new design meets a human for the first time. What is his reaction? What does he thinks about the humans?

The Intergalactic Rebel Troop Leader

Genre: Humorous Sci-Fi Size: 1 988 words Written: 2003

Description: A pilot with a stupid character makes a very fatal mistake. The story illustrates what can happen between two different people with totally different reality.


Genre: Speculative Size: 1 505 words Written: 29 Nov 2002

Description: Bill, an office worker, realizes that the next day is the same as the day before. How does Bill handle it? And why did it happen?

The Vision

Genre: Sci-Fi Size: 1 854 words Written: 9 May 2003

Description: A smart school boy gets a vision about the future with dramatic consequences.

"Mr. Wilson, you are not supposed to know."

Genre: Sci-Fi Size: 2 756 words Written: 2004

Description: A letter from the last human on a different planet reaches Earth. Mr. Wilson reads it but what is he not supposed to know?