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Setting up and Managing a MySQL Server

18 Mar 2020

Disclaimer: I am not a professionally trained sysadmin. What I have learned is by trial and error and study from Google searches. This is more notes for myself rather than a guide or article. I will regularly update it. Intro I am using a dedicated MySQL server for Domainstats.com and I have been doing that since [...]

Updating PR values of 1066 URLs in 30 minutes

11 Feb 2007

This article is written more for myself so I remember how I do it the next time but probably a few people will also benefit from this for different uses and purposes. Today I updated all the PR values for the directories listed on my directory list. I had to update each listing in the [...]

Fighting the War Against Web Site Spam Bots

9 Dec 2006

The last days I have been fighting in the war against the latest spam bot soldiers like a maniac. I own and manage over 70 web sites. This includes different forums, directories, blogs, topsites, article submission sites and you name it. Very recently there is a new wave of spam. The default captcha for vBulletin [...]

Frames with CSS!

10 Dec 2005

I made it! After some hours I have now managed to put an idea into reality. It was not easy but now I am happy that I made it. Site: www.SEOFAQ.net If you scroll it will look like as if you have frames but in fact it is just CSS. It was not easy to [...]