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Fourth Annual Report: My Success

On the 5th of December 2004 when I was 22 I changed my life 180 degrees. I quit my earlier very special life and moved back to Sweden to change my life totally.

I had no money, education, experience or connections and some people doubted that I could get successful – personally I took it as a great challenge. I started by borrowing my mothers computer and begun to learn HTML and internet marketing.

That is now 4 years ago.

Every year since then I publish an annual report how the year has gone and with future plans for the next year. Every year I try to do more good.

This is the fourth annual report and 2008 has been so successful that it is hard for me to imagine I can do more good.

If you are interested, read my 3 previous reports here:

Main highlights from 2008

Meeting the woman that became my wife

Business related success

Personal development


Goals for 2009

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About the Author Jim Westergren Jim Westergren is a web entrepreneur from Sweden now living in Bolivia. He is happily married and has two lovely children. Some of his interests are web development, SEO and writing. He is the Founder and CTO of TodaysWeb and his current major project is N.nu. Read his . Follow Jim on Twitter or Google+.
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  • http://www.claritaslux.com/ Mark


    About your site -> Your site is clean, clear and crisp in both content and design. I think that is why it is so popular people will link to it naturally.

    About life-> That is great about your marriage, marriage is more important than any job or project of course. I would rather be poor and happily married than rich and poorly matched.

    About travel-> If you make it to Krakow, Poland let me know.

    About your SF writing-> Its pretty good actually and because its short and clear and interesting, I use some of your short stories in my English as a second language classes at times. You write well, kind of the, kind of the Phillip K. Dick of Sweden.

    Bests regards for 2009 and keep up the good attitude, Mark

  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren

    Hi Mark!

    Yes, I made the design myself a few years back with the intention of having it clear and crisp.

    Yes, being happily married is really a dream that has come true.

    I am truly flattered that you like my short stories and that you are even using them in english. But you should know that I might have errors in the english.

    Do well you as well, Mark!

  • http://www.clicktrue.biz gino

    I just found your website. and found it interesting about you and your JOB.. Thank you for sharing MR SEO

  • http://www.allan.sg Allan Tan

    You both look very happy together.. Congrats on your marriage.

  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren

    Thank you Allan – we are VERY happy together :)

  • http://www.technee.com Jeff Newman

    You are a really blessed man Jim. I like your site. You have great content. I found you by searching for “link bait” in Google and ready your link bait article and tweeted it. Ideas about how to naturally attract backlinks http://ow.ly/7Nqk

  • http://www.carlosgonzalezconsulting.com Carlos Gonzalez

    Hi Jim,

    I saw your comment on some blog about your CMS system system where you were responding to my comment. Very interesting what you have there Jim. I too have been working on a much simpler CMS system to use other than WordPress as I have a need for such a system myself to build a bunch of Adsense websites quickly but also to potentially market it to others.

    It’s wonderful that you are able to travel between two countries too and learn Spanish. You sound like you have been blessed Jim.

    I was born in South America myself and hope to return there to live at some point (depending on how my Adsense business goes). Presently I live in San Diego.

    Feel free to write me anytime by visiting my site and contacting me through there. I’ll give you my email address if I hear from you.

    Be well…


  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren

    Hi Carlos!

    Thanks for comment and the invitation to have contact. I am in a learning period of PHP and I am sure that we could have mutual benefit in having contact with each other.

    I will get back to you as soon I have some question and feel welcome to contact me as well.

    Do well.

  • http://www.waterdeliveryservicestoday.com Ira Mann

    An annual report…basicly this is your way of goal setting for the upcoming year. And by making them “Public” it puts pressure on you to stay focused. Good Idea! Most of us set personal and professional goals, but we only write them down on a piece of paper. Great Job and Keep It Up!

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  • http://www.internetsearchoptimizer.in James

    Hi Jim,

    Its interesting that you made your goals public. I suppose it will allow you to stay in focus.

    I look forward to do the same.

  • http://propertymarbellaapartments.com/ Lennart

    Hi Jim. We are now in the middle of 2010, its time for you to write the fifth annual report for 2009. Have a nice summer in Sweden.

  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren
  • http://propertymarbellaapartments.com/ Property Marbella

    Hi Jim. Thanks for the information, I don’t know how you can get time for everything – N.nu – administered the company – take care of SEO-Forum and SEO-guide – and have time to be a lovely fader and husband. I hope Neyda have got a job in this hard times. Salud – Amor – Dinero.
    //Lennart in Marbella

  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren

    Thank you Lennart. I just work around 40 hours a week – the rest I spend with my lovely family. Of course sometimes I would love to work more and progress faster on my projects but patience is gold. :)

  • http://www.cremedelacremedating.com la creme

    Well I have to say congrats on your success. Keep going!

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