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Self-employment the way to go

24 Jul 2006

I have just read one of the recent articles by Steve Pavlina: 10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job I really recommend it but I want to say that it is not as simple as it might look like. Steve is talking about making a living out of blogging and I can tell you [...]

Cause or Effect: The Choice is Yours

22 Jan 2006

Article by TipsForSuccess.org Every aspect of your life comes under two categories: things you are at cause over and things you are the effect of. You can be at cause over your job, relationships, habits, money and future . . . or you can be effect of those things. ##READ-MORE-LINK## When you are at the [...]

Who Is Your Best Friend?

22 Jan 2006

Article by TipsForSuccess.org Who is potentially your greatest enemy? Terrorists? Bad bosses or bad employees? Unfriendly drivers on the freeway? Actually, none of them. ##READ-MORE-LINK## Your greatest potential enemy is you. No one can ruin your life like you can. No one can pull the plug on your career as effectively as you. No one [...]