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"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves." - Thomas A. Edison



Human or Machine, Can You See a Difference?

24 Dec 2006

Can you imagine a world in which you have to establish systems in order to detect if an intelligence is machine created or comes from a real human? Scientists and programmers has already been developing such systems. No, I am not talking about a far future here, I am talking about 2002. The first system [...]

Information as a Global Power Tool

16 Oct 2006

Forewords: I am not a politician. These are some thoughts from my head and they could be all wrong. GOD controls the world, right? GOD stands for Gold (money), Oil and Drugs and the more of these you have the more power you have. And what can you use to control masses of people? Twisted [...]

Future of written communication and keyboards

27 Nov 2005

Some days ago I figured about how the future keyboards will work. Communication has to do with getting an idea across to another person. While writing e-mails and using instant messaging the faster it goes the better. Actually I believe that e-mails in the future will be even more streamlined, like for example visible instantly [...]