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Guide: WordPress with Maximum Performance and Speed

25 Oct 2012

This is a step by step guide in which I will show you how to setup WordPress with maximum speed and performance for just $15 per month utilizing Nginx + PHP-FPM + APC + Cloudflare + Redis. It is the same that this blog is using and I will show you how. No need for [...]

How to load WordPress in a few milliseconds using Redis

25 Oct 2012

Redis is an advanced key-value store. Like memcached on steroids. Everything is in the RAM and you can theoretically reach 100 000 GET per second with Redis. My solution below will cache all the HTML output in Redis and display it without the need to load WordPress. A big thanks to Jeedo Aquino who have [...]

Why I recommend CloudFlare and why you should try it too

17 May 2012

CloudFlare is a both a proxy and a CDN (content delivery network). It was recommended to me by Magnus Bråth. Quoted from them: On average, a website on CloudFlare loads twice as fast uses 60% less bandwidth has 65% fewer requests is way more secure All for free! Never heard of them? According this recent [...]