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Worst Web Design Ever

The following is a list of web sites collected on the internet for the purpose of demonstrating bad web design. If you have found another site that should be on this list then please leave a comment. New screenshots taken 15 january 2009.

Official site of a children’s hospital in Japan

MSY Technology Pty. Ltd.

Personal site of Franz Magnus

Angren.net, electronic shop




James Bond 007 Museum Shop

Mama’s Cheesies

jones, partners: architecture

Dr C. J. Gregory Berklee College of Music Liberal Arts



Web Design Company

AMEN. Amen.

FX Lange inc.

Hotel Mance


VF Designer


W.H. Insurance Consultants


Official site of Northbridge Police Department


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  • http://www.seo-table.com/search_engine_optimization/blog.html Tansy OBryant

    This is sad but funny I am a Engineer for MSI and I thought I had seen it all until now. Come take a look at my personal SEO Blog. Interestingly enough I just did an article on similar topic. I would like to hear your feed back.

  • anon

    This UK insurance company is pretty bad…….

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  • http://me-anindita.blogspot.com/ anindita

    Oh God! Do these sites help them a bit? Then why are they keeping these clumsy stuffs. I am a designer, so feel that if one can’t design then he shoud leave it as simple as that. As we all know, simplicity is the best policy always.

  • http://www.captainsblog.se doddo

    Wonderful! I love that they have pages looking like that, it makes me think my own page looks that much better!!

    And oh! What nice colors they use, i like it when they squeese in lots of useless animated gif:s into the pages. It makes it look a lot more personal!!

    and as far as finding an uglier page; I think youve found the lousiest pages on the whole Internet!!

    anyway! Great post!

  • Stephen Bradley

    Take your time and stroll through this site. It is truly hideous.


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  • http://www.shycon.com Barman

    Absolutely hilarious list.

  • http://www.miniorb.in n9987

    Gr8 color choices… Enough to drive anyone away… And a police website too!
    Nice list… Hilarious….

  • http://www.mysimpleblog.com Lim

    Sometime bad is good! Now they gain popularity due to the bad design. Everybody want to see how ugly they are and they get traffic. Like most famous celebrities, the worst and bad news will make them even more popular.

    Very sad, my site is not very bad design so I may not gain popularity.

  • Manish Mathukiya

    This guy is very serious to promote anyway :D > http://msy.com.au/Parts/Promotional_W.htm

  • Alicia C Simpson

    I think I have UID poisoning. Those are bad!

  • http://janelasquebradas.blogspot.com Renan Birck
  • Fido Gesiwuj

    What are you talking about? I designed half of them! They’re all so beautiful xD!

  • http://www.adityaspeaks.com aditya

    Are you sure, Product X is HOT…. lolz that was too intersting post. Can you tell us from where did you find them out :p

  • rob

    Lol, I’ve used that MSY Technology website before. You wouldn’t know it, but they are pretty much the best online retailer for computer parts in Australia lol.

  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren

    Thanks for comments.

    I will add:


    They certainly qualify for the list.

    Lol, I’ve used that MSY Technology website before. You wouldn’t know it, but they are pretty much the best online retailer for computer parts in Australia lol.

    I have a hard time believing that. If that is true, that is bad …

  • Aaron

    http://avatars.imvu.com/KrYsTaL74 is the absolute worst design on the internet. It’s got everything, from an annoying non-tiling background tiled anyway, bad music that you can’t turn off, way too much clutter, text with no background that overflows tables and can’t be read by anybody, grammar and spelling that three-year-olds could top, with caps at the beginning of every word and everything (eg “Don’t 4get 2 Turn The Other Tunes Off Below B4 U Play Nova100″ and “Spanx U 4 Taking the Time 2 Enjoy My Page *MWUAH* x0x0x”), side scrolling (almost a full screen of it), the embedded flash documents and WMVs placed haphazardly around the page… It can scar a person for life.

  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren

    Thanks Aaron.

    I will add that one as well!

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  • http://codeitbetter.com/ Asapcorp

    This is the first time I have seen a site for worst web design.


  • swine

    The first time i stumbled onto this site, I fell to the floor trying to claw my eyes out!

  • Gogo

    This is the worst site on the world


  • http://www.manhattanservice.com Sergey Rusak

    It is really funny. I think that you should open another website and collect sites like this.
    I bet bunch people can submit more stuffs.

  • http://www.bluetooth-portal.com bluetooth-portal

    How i can add my site to ur dirr?

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  • Diane Comey

    Great compilation of what NOT to do!! Very funny.

  • http://www.blog4rock.com blog4rock

    yeah ) great shot of best web design 4 ever))))))
    hi JIm

  • http://stii.za.net Stii

    lol, grate 1, but you forgot Myspace.com!!

  • Yup

    Oh come on, the Franz Magnus page is a spoof… all too obvious!

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  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren

    Oh come on, the Franz Magnus page is a spoof… all too obvious!

    I don’t think so actually …

  • http://www.drchetan.com Chetan

    Angren.net, the electronic shop…

    Ewww… it gives electric shocks to the visitors :O

    Ha ha, and the “Official site of Northbridge Police Department”, still building and building :D

  • Sergey Rusak

    Check this out! http://www.starterupsteve.com/seizurebots/
    You should add it in your list!

  • gaston

    Franz Magnus is my new idol. HE should write a book about his method. Does anyone know what can I do to contact him?

  • http://www.csglobal.co.in DS

    will show those designes in our portfolio =))

  • http://www.cg-computerservice.de/ Yuli R

    Don’t forget to be SEO friendly

  • Joe Blow

    cheapnerd.com is terrible!

  • http://www.webhosting.uk.com/ Hosting

    First time on the web I’ve seen such hilarious site and I think there are many more to come…..lol

  • http://www.ruuz.com Ruuz

    Oh my god this is really hilarious.

    First when I saw a thread about this on DP, I thought it might be some professional designs went wrong. But here it is a complete new story.

  • paddington

    it’ll make your head hurt, but it’s meant to be that way ;)

  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren

    This one is also gross:

  • http://www.americantruckbuyer.com Puneet Thakkar

    Hi Jim..

    Thats really Amazing … Those sites are really funny..but i did not get that site like raft.org gets good PR …its not userfriendly also..but still ???

    Puneet M

  • http://webmasterguide.wmn.cc http://webmasterguide.wmn.cc

    Even if they are worst they are also earning well…
    Thats the fact..

  • http://www.spotesya.com/ hansx

    Great compilation of what NOT to do Very funny

  • http://bestflashwebsites.blogspot.com best flash sites

    Oh my good, let these people know we are in 2007!!

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  • http://www.benclapton.id.au Ben C

    Gee, Frontpage Express has a lot to answer for…

  • http://musicforum.org.ua/ mike

    Very funny =)

  • http://shop-video-games.blogspot.com meow

    lol, when I saw this sites..I can’t stop laughing. Looks like 8 years old web designer.

  • http://mj-r.com Recensioni Scambio

    You’re right!

  • http://www.anarsist.org/ edebiyat

    this is really hilarious. very funny :)

  • http://mp3com.name Amber713

    Wow, nice sites ! :) Really weird!

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  • http://www.RogerART.com Roger Drowne EC

    Hello All… Thanks 4 your kind words…

    I Talked with the GODs last night and was told that meny

    (472) NEW COLORS will B sent my way…

    I Plan to Add them ALL 2 My Web Site

    U – aint – seen – nothing – yet

    Thank U, Roger Drowne EC – Your Welcome, 4 the FREE FUN

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  • http://www.nienteansia.it/forum-psicologia/ Ernesto

    Very bad sites… but I still think that a site must be useful, not good looking.

  • http://www.mifdesign.com/ custom web design

    “Nice” collection :) ))))))))))))))))))))
    http://www.webbyawards.com is crying! :)

  • http://www.theseoworld.com Amit Bhawani

    Seems there are still better than my first design 4 years back :)

  • http://www.adityaspeaks.com Aditya Kumar Singh

    Right Said Amit.. ! Your designed sucked !!

  • Penny

    I’m soooo glad I know the secret Earth Handshake now… not!

  • Shines

    I’m going to have to nominate:

    as worst site ever.
    Wait through the horrible load for the flash, then, after playing around (and finding the invisible buttons), check out the pink button of the quiz.

    Maybe also the worst copy ever too.

  • http://www.factoryfast.com.au rugs

    Ok, ok, I thought I had encountered some pretty bad sites but these definitely take the cake!! No doubt about it. The japanese site is pretty normal, I think, for many Japanese sites that I’ve encountered. So, I didn’t think too much of it. However, I think the WORST site in this list must be Franz Magnus. Not that the others were any good at least, but I am sure his was the worst. Most of these sites, though, look like they were designed on good old frontpage back in the 90′s. I remember trying to use it and coming up with similar absolute rubbish. Never published any of it though, knowing full well that there must be better ways of doing things.

  • http://www.emusic.com/search.html?mode=x&QT=3Ca+href3Dhttp3A2F2Fdatabase.cd3Efree+mp3+music+download3C2Fa3E&x=15&y=13 Josh

    This is the first time I have seen a site for worst web design.

  • Paula

    Take a look at

    It has to be included in any Worst Website example.

  • Rmg12gra

    The Japanese site puts children IN hospital with a epilepsy inducing web design!

  • http://www.quenet.org/ SEO Canada

    I love the animated glowing cat eyes on the children’s hospital in Japan.

  • http://www.techmodder.co.nr Pumped

    lol, its funny cos here in Australia msy is one of the biggest and cheapest computer parts retailers and everyone boasts about how good there prices and customer service is.

  • http://e-okulnotlar.blogspot.com e-kitap

    Right Said Amit.. ! Your designed sucked
    thanks you ;)

  • http://www.uniquedogclothing.com Dog Clothes

    hahaha…this is so funny! hope the list can be kept updated. thanks.

  • http://www.portraitkingdom.com/pets.php oil pet portraits

    Oh my gosh! I thought Japan is number one when it comes to technology. It looks like the web designers of these sites were late for the latest technology online. Are these sites still on? I really hope they’re already changed into something much better than these ones.

  • http://www.mp3out.net MuzLover

    Thanks for the elevated mood
    :) ))

  • http://www.techwebmedia.com Sergey Rusak

    Jim, you should check this religious website. http://www.dokimos.org/ajff/

    This guys created the most annoying website ever.

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  • http://www.supremepete.com Pete

    I can’t believe nobody has mentioned http://www.supremepete.com ?

  • http://iquito.org mp3

    I’m soooo glad I know the secret Earth Handshake now… not!

  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren
  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren

    Another one for the list:

  • http://MSY mixojoe

    I actually shop at MSY! Poor site but great prices lol

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  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren

    Another for the list:

  • mike

    This website is hilariously ugly!

    Leading the Web to Its Full Potential…


  • http://www.evengrounds.com Tom

    To improve web design, it is important to take accessibility into consideration. Check out my series of accessibility tips and tricks at: http://www.evengrounds.com/newsletter

  • http://www.msy.com.au/ AzargThorta

    You’ve already listed the MSY site, but I have to give it my anti-vote.
    For a computer business to globally advertise its web-illiteracy is…
    tragic? hilarious?
    It certainly does not inspire confidence.
    It’s should come as no surprise it was created with ms frontpage.

    But I guess we should keep in mind that even a reasonable web site
    like http://www.precisioncomputers.com.au/
    can be a front for a dishonest rip-off merchant.

  • http://www.msy.com.au/ AzargThorta

    I should have mentioned that though I haven’t dealt with MSY myself, they do have a good reputation with people I know.
    So a web site that reeks is not necessarily an indication of a bad business.

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  • http://[email protected] Don

    The worst web site, it is trully bad to think someone designed it this way!

  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren
  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren

    I have now updated this article with new screenshots and included the web sites in my previous comment.

  • Gurjeet Dhoal

    really ……what a sites…….
    ok so these all are webby award sites right,
    or webby award site are different .if yes can you give me the link for that.


  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren

    @Gurjeet Dhoal,

    Webby Award? Don’t actually know what you are taking about.

  • John doe

    veranstaltungsberater.com is worst too :D

  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren


    Thanks, I will check it out.

    Here are also some more I will check:

  • Landon Caouette

    How ironic is it that your website has a list of the worst websites.

    You took away the ability to scroll using the arrow keys and you didn’t even do anything constructive with it. It’s a basic html page.

  • Joe Dean

    truly hilarious,,,

    u must consider adding this site to the directory:

    its really bad bad design

  • Gus Frederick

    I’d like to nominate the NEW Web Site for Homer Davenport Days in Silverton, Oregon. This site was “Redesigned” last week and replaced a professionally done one.

  • http://www.sajha.com Sunil Rijal

    add sajha.com to that list :)

  • http://www.atomocreativo.com Ramiro

    This is a webdesign? I don’t think so. It’s full of hate and inacurate info.
    (they know nothing about comunication)

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  • http://www.crgeary.com Chris


    Definitely Needs A Mention

  • http://www.employeratlas.com Eric Di Bari

    These have to be some of the worst designs ever. I think it’s like a mix between nintendo and a 1995 website design.

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  • Gio

    “bad web design”…

    I’m sorry, maybe I’m wrong, but it sounds too simplified…

    Well, the list is ok for fun but I wouldn’t consider it seriously.
    Not that any “avoid that” type of list is to be taken seriously…

    Again, that’s only me, and sorry for any inaccuracies.

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  • C

    Try this one….its the worst I’ve ever seen!

  • D7

    Bloody hell.. I just followed the link for the MIAUK.COM..I have a blinding headache and am just about to go for a lie down in a darkened room lol
    Somebody should tell the designer of that site..NEVER use animated GIFs as background images. Especially ones that could trigger an epileptic attack in a suitably vunerable person!

  • Magnus Bedrich

    This site seems to provide further evidence of the inverse correlation between good design and credibility:

  • RaulJones

    Here’s my favorite…this should get her in here a-runnin’…


  • Joe

    Wow… if you have epilepsy do *not* click on the Japanese hospital picture. The colors, man… the colors…

  • ricardo

    this one is awesome too


  • http://tip2top.co.za/blog1/ Tommy Basillica

    I think this is the worst one ever:


    It is for a charity site – but I need they seriously need money donated to hire a decent designer!

  • Luke

    Find all the crappy site like this a http://www.flushtheweb.com

  • http://philwebservices.wordpress.com/ Philwebservices

    Is That for Kindergarten sites? if it is for charity then maybe it has good intentions..

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  • http://www.truckbuyguide.com/ Julie Watson

    This blog contain some useful information and some unwanted information. This blogs web design is very bad, if web design is improved and unwanted information are removed than this blog will be very helpful.

  • http://paintingdenver.net/ Cal Phillips

    So many bad ones, I’m afraid leaving a comment linking mine. lol

  • http://www.gurufuel.com Gurufuel

    This site is among the worst I have ever seen http://www.ogiesfunclub.com/

  • http://www.onlinecarhub.com Ana Watson

    Nice Blog,
    This blog is cool but there are many unwanted sites which spoils quality of blog.

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  • midget

    Why hasn’t anyone said MrBottles yet?

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  • http://www.stay-in-greece.com/ Michael Persson

    Its fun to look at others website creations but I believe we have all been at a stage where we tested lot’s of solutions to create our fantastic website.

    I also believe that culture and skills of design comes from where we live, what we do and how we grew up.

    I hope my website will not be in a list of these but probably someone will thing my website designs are also terrible!!

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  • Leon

    The MIA website (which has now been changed) was purposely designed like that.
    It was a observation on digital culture.

  • Leon

    How about http://industrialpainter.com/ for a great use of flash.

    The company behind it http://superior-web-solutions.com/ have a website of equal quality.

    A real blast from the past, it’s interesting to see how websites have progressed.

  • Shan

    it is nice and informative post. i think to make good web design you have to go from higher designed sites or games. but whtever the you design present here it is also good one.

  • http://www.softnep.com Sunil Rijal

    Why always the worst. For a change a good website. And when I say good it means good in terms of cost, design and development :)

  • http://geekiest.net Krish

    You can have a look on – http://www.industrialpainter.com

  • http://www.websitehazard.com/ rossi

    i made a website which you can use to link to such websites with a warning:

  • http://www.petterhedman.com Petter Hedman

    Shit vilka fina designer det finns!!!!!!

    keep up the good work!

    petter Hedman

  • Sisalgs

    Virtual Learning? Not after this has given you a migraine…

  • http://www.cleverclick.gr Michael Persson

    Jag måste ju bara posta denna underbart vackra grekiska webbsida…


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  • Mike

    Check these two massage websites out. The layout, typography, and even content are about as horrible as it gets. Multicolored words, spectacularly distracting background images, low-contrast fonts. Mm mm good!


  • Joe Blow? Lol

    OMG. The worst webstie BY FAR would be yvettesbridalformal.com. TOPS ALL OF THESE! Check it out!;)

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  • http://www.studiotamba.com/services Web Development Firm

    How these sites work so sad but funny …….
    but also enjoyed to visit these sites

    thanks for the share

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  • http://www.cateringanak.com Larry Hafid

    some web from above list was annoyed my eyes.. huuuft..

  • Karl Hingus

    Here’s a bad one for you – I saw it on another bad web site web-site, but then it went away.


  • JJ

    …ironically, the MIA website is actually designed like that; the hectic mad clutter, cut and paste look is her overall aesthetic/onstage image!

  • http://www.squidoo.com/toshiba-r700 Toshiba R700 laptop

    maybe these guys are just starting or just having an experiment..

  • http://bubblescs.com jamie andrews

    the worst website ever i swear it’s more than annoying

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  • CJ

    Holy shit! – You could have warned me…
    That’s why I became a designer, sadly when working for a client with no vision, who believe their vision is the only way… what can you do?!
    Lol! – Thanks for these!

  • http://www.penguinfilms.co.za/penguincorp.html tioqo

    Check out this MASSIVE company’s website. Embarrassing!

  • http://Temp-A-Start.com Sonja Lewis

    seeing is believing… actually uses frames… and uses them poorly!
    what a mess…

  • http://hemsideportalen.se Joachim F

    Haha, du de där första var rena mardrömmarna. Man blir stressad av den första.

  • http://www.corwenmanor.com Jake Fugasi

    What are your thoughts on this website?

  • http://cleverclick.gr Michael Persson

    Jag tror dom flesta sidorna du har länkat här inte är svenska men nu har du en som är helt vansinnigt dålig. http://hem.passagen.se/skeppgarden/

    Man borde införa straff på såna skit!!

  • http://nationalbarley.com Ann

    the website for the National Barley Growers Association here in USA is not possible to read. I would add this to your list of worst websites.

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  • http://webbombs.com WebBombs.com

    That’s pretty much awesome. We love bad sites! Our entire blog is dedicated to ripping into bad websites. There are truly an unlimited amount of them out there and there are some pretty bad ones in this article! We make fun of arngren.net on our site as well. Check out our comments on it at !

  • http://outkrowdnation.com/ jackoftrades

    I can’t hightlight the text lol

  • Me

    go. now.

  • http://www.softnep.com Sunil Rijal

    Lot heard and seen about these worst web designs on this blog.
    Guys I would like to introduce you all to a Web Design Company SoftNEP who are a team of professional website designers. I am sure you will be amazed with their quality works and they are so affordable.

    For get these sugar coated marketing experts and their high fees. Visit http://www.softnep.com and be smart.

    Thank You!

  • http://www.foxvalleywebdesign.com/ Ann Anderson

    A web design company that still uses table layouts! *gasp*
    Not to mention they share personal pictures of their families, and drinking ventures.
    Very professional….NOT!

  • Mitch

    …is sucking the money and not delivering bad web-design, too?
    well then, you need to hire YOBILAB from italy, they are doing the best job in that!

    But, they are professionals, not Indians (that was Diego Pucci’s statement about themselves)

  • http://www.berkshirehathaway.com NewName
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  • Steve Cartoon

    And what’s wrong with table layouts? They’re still useful, even with HTML5. You still have better control over layout positioning than with CSS.
    And if you’re doing any web-based mobile apps, you’ll find that tables will orient themselves (portrait/landscape) a lot faster and easier than CSS positioning!
    But I’ll agree with you there about the drinking pictures, Ann.

  • Ann Anderson

    This site: http://www.foxvalleywebdesign.com/ is making heavy use of table layouts, and unless you are seriously old school, or are trying to design an HTML layout for some email clients, I really don’t see a use for it. There is no way to deliver a semantically correct website using table layouts, nor get any kind of SEO or SEM functionality. While I am not familiar with designing web-based mobile apps, I am familiar with designing mobile websites. Media queries get things done in a more elegant fashion, IMHO.

  • http://www.riverchurch.co.za Franz

    Can I sugguest another real badly designed website?
    Pay special attention of how it loads (facebook splotch over the Pastor’s face, etc.)

  • Ann Anderson

    Franz,they must’ve read your post, the account for that site has been suspended.

  • http://anthonygoodley.com/ Anthony Goodley

    I challenge everyone to find a worst webpage than Bella De Soto’s located here: bellads.info. To say that it has it all doesn’t do this freak of the web justice.

    I estimated that one webpage has 606 MB of data. On a 1280 x 800 pixels screen it would be 6.1 screens wide or 7,808 pixels wide.

    On the same screen size it’s 28 vertical screens tall or 22,400 pixels tall! So that’s 7,808 wide by 22,400 pixels tall.
    Thats a grand total of 172,032,000 pixels. 172 Million pixels using 606 MB to push all that crap down the poor internet! Thats 170.8 web pages, 6.1 x 28, if each one was 1280×800, but sadly it’s really only 1 page.

    I made these estimates almost 3 years ago so it may have grown even more since then.

  • http://WebBombs.com WebBombs.com
  • Ann Anderson

    Oh wow Anthony, I am sharing that one in class. It IS bad! I couldn’t even really tell what the point of the site was at first. Like WebBombs, it almost crashed my browsers well. I’m on a Mac, and the beach ball was spinning alot! I am so glad I found this post by Jim, it’s so amusing.

  • http://anthonygoodley.com/ Anthony Goodley

    Sorry.. Bella De Soto’s site really should come with a warning: It may crash your browser and/or computer! Don’t attempt to load on a mobile device! bellads.info

    I feel like a complete idiot here. I followed the example below for how to link to a URL thinking the webmaster here had created his own custom tags. As a result I left my anchor tag open. Duhhh… (I really do know how to create a link using HTML.)

  • Paul

    Jim Westergren,
    Can you explain what the copyright law is on posting web pages from a website that you do not have permision to reproduce and that is listed as copyright protected?


  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren

    Well, that’s illegal. Do you imply that I would be doing this? The screenshots above would fall under the “fair use” law and I just link to the websites in question, I do not reproduce.

  • mitch

    some really terrible ones but I think this one should also be included.

  • The Engineer

    Hi Everyone

    I agree those sites are horrible, but has anyone seen really bad engineering websites of large and well known company’s, I have seen some really bad sites that belong to multi-million dollar companies, take a look at these Robson http://www.robson.co.uk they just won a contract for £14 million, Girston engineers http://www.girstonltd.co.uk and Logan Teleflex they have just been bought out by Daifuku for hundreds of millions http://www.loganteleflex.co.uk.

    Best regards

  • anothercountyheard

    Laugh out loud stuff. I really enjoy this :)

  • anothercountyheard

    In answer to Paul, above, which one of the sites listed here is yours? And who is helping you put your pants on in the mornings?

  • http://www.musketerarkaren.se/ Jim


    Can you please, add this crap home page? There is a Swedish Worst Web Design Ever!!!: http://www.musketerarkaren.se/

    Thank you.

  • http://www.jimwestergren.com Jim Westergren
  • Leigh

    MIA’s site is intentionally like that.

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