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Link Building Guide

Update March 27, 2009:

This article was written by me almost 3 years ago in june 2006. It needs to be updated to correctly reflect the current search engines guide lines and new methods for link building.

/ Jim Westergren


I have been providing many thousands of links to my SEO clients and I have myself established a number of PR6 sites and almost won the biggest SEO contest ever with the means of huge link power.

The purpose of this article is to help you in your link building using 5 steps.

  1. Study and understand the guidelines for a natural simulation.
  2. Study and understand your link profile.
  3. Study and understand the effective ways to get links.
  4. Work out your own link building program.
  5. Get the links!

This article is based on my opinion and what I believe. (use at your own risk).

Guidelines for a Natural Simulation

The majority of your backlinks you acquire should:

Have a varied anchor text

Target your keywords but make very sure to vary the anchor a lot. Even a few “click here” is good to get.

Come from related pages

This is probably the most important, especially for english web sites. It is commonly believed that links from related pages carries more “weight” (not PR).

Come from different locations on the linking pages.

Don’t have all the backlinks from footers or any other specific place. Have them on the top of the page, inside the body text, navigation, footer etc.

Placed with a gradual natural increase

Don’t place hundreds or thousands of links to a new site the first days … I have tested that and gotten the site banned in Google. You need to gradually place the links and the quantity all relates to how much links the site is usually getting. So if a site usually gets 10 new links per week then don’t place 100 suddenly one day.

Placed from pages with a varied PR value

In my opinion not more than 15-20% of your backlinks to a site should be from PR 5+ pages.

Come from good neighbourhood

Don’t have a majority of your backlinks from adult, pharmacy, and poker/casino sites. Such sites are known to spam and I am pretty sure Google frowns upon them.

Come from different C-class IPs

Google sees this. Have your links coming from total different sites.

Come from both old trusted as well as new sites

It is also good to mix this up.

Come from reciprocal linking

Reciprocal links are still good but don’t have them as a majority of your backlinks. 3-way-linking is a good alternative but don’t use any patter.

Point to internal pages as well as your home page

Never underestimate backlinks pointing to your internal pages. As you have your internal pages SEO’d as well, get backlinks to these as well with varied anchor. It is been speculating that the value of these has increased during the BigDaddy update.

Come from non-directories

A selected few directories such as ODP and Yahoo carries trust in Google from the editorial vote. However, many directories does not give that and I even suspect that having a majority of your backlinks from 200 free general directories even can do harm to your link profile. They can still be good but should just be something extra to the links you already have.

Not be temporary

The age of your backlinks is important. It has even been speculated that this is a factor of the Google Sandbox filter. Strive to get permanent links. When renting links, rent for as long as possible.

Not have paid linking footprints around them

Words such as sponsors, advertisement and the like are spotted by Google and are devalued. If the majority of your backlinks come from such links it could maybe even do you harm.

Not come from pages that links to bad neighbourhood

You should not place your links on pages that are in bad neighbourhood, but you should also not place them on sites that themself link to these kind of sites. Google uses advanced relation and co-citation systems in their algo.

Come from pages with the same language

Seem to be obvious but is very important to show up properly in the Google country specific searches. It seems to be from my recent observations that this is the most important factor in determining the language of the site for Google (other factors is IP, Domain name TLD and actual written language of the site).

Your Link Profile

Study the above Guidelines for a Natural Simulation and write down the points your site is in danger for to get a potential unnatural flag warning from search engines. Those are the points that you should not continue with.

Effective ways to get links

Link Baiting

This is the single most important method. It has mainly to do with good content that gets links the natural way. To keep things simple in this guide I have decided that everything that makes people link to you because of the content on the page/site falls under this category of link baiting. You need to read this post I wrote on link baiting.
Comments: Pure white hat, recommended but sadly not very effective if not something real major.

Directory submissions/Link Building using directories

There are specialized SEOs and Link Builders that are doing directory submissions. There are 4 kinds of directories here: pay-for-inclusion, reciprocal required, free and niche directories. And there are of course specialists in each one of these. There are almost one thousand free SEO friendly general directories, a list of these and a submission service can be seen here. As for placement in reciprocal directories there are both brokers and non-brokers.
Comments: Cheap way to get many low quality links. Can take months before effect is seen. Deep links usually not possible. New edit and comment on this: since BigDaddy Google has been smashing and deindexed internal pages on a lot of directories, but the indexed pages still show a PR value even though they are deindexed. Keep this in mind and run a site: command or type the URL of the internal page in Google to see if the directory/page has been hit.

Link Exchange, 2 and 3 ways

The good old way. I link to you and you link to me. This is more useful if you have 30 or more sites as you can get and provide relevant links. Rule of thumb: you contact people, not the opposite. There are also Reciprocal Link Programs but I don’t recommend that.
Comments: Don’t overdue it …

High PR-subscriptions (Grey Hat?)

You can rent PR 5-9 text links at various places for various prices. Cheap places I had some very good success with: here, here and here.
Comments: Don’t get too many high PR links too fast, get relevant if possible.


I am myself getting 200 permanent links a day from this program to 40 URLs, all with varied anchor. The links you get from this program are mostly footer links and other low quality links but the program is extremely powerful. Do not, I repeat, do not display Link-Vault ads on your most valuable web sites – that is a red flag, especially since BigDaddy.
Comments: Only negative is that the links are mostly footer and the relevancy is not that good, other than that it is great.

DP Coop Ads (Grey Hat)

This program gives you a lot of rotating temporary backlinks from mostly footers of sites. I have been using this program successfully to boost SERP ranks in Google, especially at the V7N SEO contest. This program is extremely powerful as well as dangerous and can have your site banned or harmed if you are not careful. My rule of thumb: maximum 5K weight on a single ad. At one moment I had 120K weight and I was getting many many thousands of links to more than 40 ads that I had.
Comments: Remember that these are all footer, irrelevant, temporary and with fast growth.

Linking from your own web sites

This is an excellent way if you have many relevant pages in the same niche.
Comments: Don’t interlink all, keep sites on different C-class IPs and avoid patterns.

Pay bloggers

You can post on the business section of webmaster forums stating that you will pay to get the blogger to blog about and link to your site. Example.
Comment: Good to get the word out. The blog post will over time be buried down in the blog structure.

Article submission

Write an article with links in the article and/or in the resource section to your site. Or pay somone to write these for you. Use specialist (example) to have these submitted to article directories such as this one.
Comment: Long term strategy, takes time to see effects. Can be good for traffic.

Search the SERPS and make offers. (Jim Boykins speciality)

Yahoo and MSN both gives some extremely valuable information in regards to backlinks. Both of the engines tend to list the site with the most link power first in a backlink query.

Study and understand the following queries:

Use both of the above examples in this technique and send off a nice e-mail on your link offer to the ones you choose.
Comment: Expensive …

Make directories and make the link submitter reciprocal to a site of your choice.

I use this on 2 general directories of mine. My directories are free but the link submitter gets his link featured if he reciprocal with my other site. I get about 10 links per week using this.
Comments: Irrelevant, certain percantage come from bad neighbourhood and not always from same language.

Write testimonials and reviews

Write and send a testimonial to your web host, web designer, web developer and SEO. They probably publish it at their site and if you are lucky they link to you as well. Send a review to your favorite sites and have your name and link at the bottom of it.
Comments: Time consuming …

Links under articles

This is a new method I developed myself, here. In the future I think more will start to use this as well. It enables to link builder to exactly specify which articles, the anchor and the URL of each link. Good for deep pages.
Comments: All same IP. Permanent.

There are more ways but the ones above are the ones that I deem effective,

My Recommendation

Use a mix of all the above ways to get links but follow what you wrote down when you studied your link profile.

Good luck!
Let me know if you had use of it.

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    SEOBook is good one too..

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    Yes very handy manual. Will use those tactucs in future sure. Thank you for your time to write this.

  • http://directory.sootle.com/directory-weblog/ Darren McLaughlin

    I like the concept of “Guidelines for a Natural Simulation”. If you go one step further you reach the true Zen aspect of SEO. That’s when you just let it happen naturally.

  • http://www.isulongseophil.com/ gio

    “Zen aspect of SEO” Wow! I feel like starting a yoga class..:)

  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren

    Thanks for feedback.

    I like the concept of “Guidelines for a Natural Simulation”. If you go one step further you reach the true Zen aspect of SEO. That’s when you just let it happen naturally.

    Hehe. Well, web sites often needs a push in the right direction :) (if you are not a major player already).

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    Well done Jim W :)
    Great as usual.

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    Short and informative but not to forget that all info is also really valuable for those who doesn´t know yet…
    Keep up the good work! / Maccan!

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    Nice article Jim!
    I must say this is one of your better articles I think!
    Short and informative but not to forget that all info is also really valuable for those who doesn´t know yet…
    Keep up the good work! / Maccan!

    Exactly my words, as usual a great read Jim!

  • Quasi

    Your recomendation to use Link Vault is dangerous. Participation in any automated link exchange programs should be considered black hat and subject penalization.

  • http://www.abhishektripathi.com Abhishek

    Your recomendation to use Link Vault is dangerous. Participation in any automated link exchange programs should be considered black hat and subject penalization.

    Hey Quasi,
    I guess Jim already states this,

    Do not, I repeat, do not display Link-Vault ads on your most valuable web sites – that is a red flag, especially since BigDaddy.

    Clears it all up actually ? Doesn’t it ?

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    I am trying to refrain from link simulation and use the Zen Method, for those who have “clients” you have no choice but to link build, in my situation I am willing to wait for years.

    Content build.

  • http://www.businessblogwire.com Easton Ellsworth

    Thanks for these extremely geeky tips, Jim. I knew a few of the basic principles but you’ve filled my head with a lot of new ideas about more advanced techniques.

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    Some of the best advice I have seen in a while!
    Thanks Jim

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  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren

    Thanks a lot for the feedback!

    I just made a new revision on the entry under directory submission/Link Building using directories:

    New edit and comment on this: since BigDaddy Google has been smashing and deindexed internal pages on a lot of directories, but the indexed pages still show a PR value even though they are deindexed. Keep this in mind and run a site: command or type the URL of the internal page in Google to see if the directory/page has been hit.

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    That’s a good overall round-up – I think the two things that really need emphasising with link building, present here, is to vary your link strategies and anchor text.

  • http://www.ciaalarms.co.uk Antony Christie


    We have NEVER paid for in inbound link (IBL, in-link, back-link) to our website or ‘swapped’ a link (we have NO reciprocal links – it’s company policy – we made some mistakes off-line with affiliates) or sold a link.

    We have links from:

    • Google (through posting a video)
    • A .gov site (Hampshire County Council – http://www3.hants.gov.uk)
    • DMOZ (Open Directory Project)
    • British Telecom’s RedCare site (www.redcare.bt.com)
    • NSI (The National Security Inspectorate – http://www.nsi.org.uk)
    • NHW (The Neighbourhood Watch – http://www.eastleighnwa.org.uk)
    • Buy With Confidence (www.buywithconfidence.info)

    And 30 or so more; however,

    Despite appearing at the number 1 position in the Google SERP’s for months, we only had a PageRank of 2/10 and therefore felt I should work on improving that.

    Our site is a promotional site for a security (intruder alarm/CCTV) company.
    There are no security alarms enthusiasts, we do not have any affiliates (Management won’t allow this because few companies work to our standards) and as I have already mentioned we don’t pay for IBL’s (I understand it’s not seen as good Google practise).

    Therefore (as I was sure I’d read somewhere that Matt Cutts had recognized and encouraged writing articles), I wrote and posted some articles, and persistently nagged my boss for him to order our sales staff to write some articles (this was like getting blood out of a stone), I improved those articles and made sure they would really benefit the reader, I had them professionally edited and enhanced, and I’m waiting to post them, however, I haven’t posted them (to my bosses dismay) because, suddenly all of my Google links have disappeared.

    I have used a article distribution service and my link popularity has grown to quickly and that the algorithm believe that I have been buying links or they (isnare/articlemarketer) have posted them on irrelevant sites.

    I’m pretty sure this is the problem,

    Please help what should I do?

    How long b4 Google forgive me?

    Is it likely I get completely dropped (or banned) by Google if I post the remainder of my articles?

  • http://www.seobuzzbox.com/ Aaron Pratt

    Please explain:

    “In my opinion not more than 15-20% of your backlinks to a site should be from PR 5+ pages.”


  • http://www.adamchristie.co.uk Adam

    Awesome guide. I saw it featured on Jim Boykin’s blog and he was right to mention it. We tell clients to get more links, but you have just opened it up and told them what links they can get and what the effect will be. Superb.

  • http://www.mad4mobilephones.com mad4

    Antony Christie I suggest asking this at forums.digitalpoint.com as well. Google often stops showing links – it doesn’t mean they are not there.

  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren

    Antony Christie!

    Despite appearing at the number 1 position in the Google SERP’s for months, we only had a PageRank of 2/10 and therefore felt I should work on improving that.

    Well that’s good and you have some nice backlinks. PageRank is nothing you should really worry about, the important thing is the rank and that you get traffic from the search engines.

    because, suddenly all of my Google links have disappeared.

    What do you mean by this? You should not check backlinks with Google as you don’t get accurate data. Use Yahoo or MSN instead.

    I am sorry but I don’t understand the problem :)

    Please explain:

    “In my opinion not more than 15-20% of your backlinks to a site should be from PR 5+ pages.”


    What I mean by this is that most of the links you get should be from PR 0-5 pages as that is the most natural scenario. To only have PR 5-9 links pointing to your site is a bit suspicious in my opinion.

    Awesome guide. I saw it featured on Jim Boykin’s blog and he was right to mention it. We tell clients to get more links, but you have just opened it up and told them what links they can get and what the effect will be. Superb.


  • http://www.ciaalarms.co.uk Antony Christie

    Yeah, sorry Jim, I should have mentioned that at the same time as the link: command stopped showing my IBLs I also fell to page 2, 3 and right out of Google for my keywords.

  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren

    Yeah, sorry Jim, I should have mentioned that at the same time as the link: command stopped showing my IBLs I also fell to page 2, 3 and right out of Google for my keywords.

    Ok, quite a different picture :)

    Well, this is too complex to answer on a blog post. Contact me if you want paid consultancy on this matter. Or try to get help in this or this forum.

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  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren


    in my opinion Link-Vault is very good for SEO – when used right. My recommendation is to display Link-Vault on low quality sites and give the weight gained to provide links for your high quality sites.

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    I’ve read your article with a pretty interest. I wonder if you ever had any of you sites banned for using autolinking schemes such as Link-Vault, or DP Coop Ads.

    Any feedback is welcome.

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    I would want to come back and discuss a few link building issues with you Jim. Thanks for the primary information provided. Will try out a few things mentioned.

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    I disagree with the poster above. LinkBuilding definitely works. However, as of this point in time, it’s a very frustrating process that seems to take years.

    Even with good, hard earned linkbacks, you can often still see the more unscrupulous competition way ahead.

    PR is vital. Keyword and Page optimization too, but that’s much easier. Thank God thank Google relies a little less on PR these days.

    LinkBuilding is hard and I wish there was an easier or a fairer way.

    My 2 cents.

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    (Right Click and select “Save Target As” or “Save Link As”)

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    I use 2 tools to build links:

    1. Zeus
    2. Linkmachine

    Both are working well for me with Zeus being computer based and LinkMachine being server based. This means that some sites I can work on anywhere but the others I need to work from home.

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