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Future PageRank prediction

There are 7 different tools and one new discovery that can be used in additional to looking at backlinks if you are interested in finding out what your future PageRank will be.

I say already now that they are not accurate …

Hope you find this amusing and maybe even useful. But I want to say that I recommend you write some good content for your sites instead of wasting the time on predictions …

Well, good luck.

EDIT Feb 28, 2006:

I have conducted a bit of research and discovered a few things of what might probably the internal Google PR which is very interesting.

My recent article about that can be read here.

EDIT Sept 17, 2006:

I have deleted the ones on the list that did not work anymore.

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  • http://www.marcuswestberg.com/ Marcus

    Do you know how long before a dmoz directory listing turns in to a google directory listing?

    More than a month at least, I am still waiting for my listing at G Dir.

  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren

    I think the G dir updates each 3 month or something.

    But that is not important as Google will now you are listed much earlier, probably 1-3 weeks after your DMOZ listing.

    And about the method of predicting the PR, well you have to wait then. As per Bob Mutch, his system is predicting this to happen on the March 19, based on stats.

  • http://www.gt5.info corey

    ive been using iwebtool’s prediction
    it seems to be the most acurrate

  • http://www.thepraveen.com Praveen

    just tweaked the futuresiterank.

    so far the results i checked seems to be on par with iwebtool :)

  • http://daddyyankeegasoline.blogspot.com Daddy Yankee

    I think that iwebtool is the best.

  • http://a1whs.com a1whs.com

    Well tried all the 3 said sites and got on 2 of them a future rank of 4 but http://www.rustybrick.com/ gave only rank of 0 as future rank , so will wait and see what google says after update has taken place.

  • http://www.seotime.com Kris


    We also request you to add our website http://www.seotime.com on this page. We are sure this also calculates PR of future quite accurate, but still we are looking to listen from your side.



  • http://www.linkfeed.de Thommes

    the iwebtool’s prediction tool is very good

  • http://www.advancedwebtraffic.com Andrew

    Seotime’s tools results are execellent , but look n feel are less professional. Results are good enough.


  • http://www.pagerank-prediction.com/ Pagerank Prediction

    the iwebtool’s prediction tool is very good
    we are from; http://www.pagerank-prediction.com/

  • http://notitech.blogspot.com Computadoras

    Iwebtool is very good.

  • SEO Guru

    Here I found another cool prediction tool


    I really like this one enjoy!

  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren

    SEO Guru,

    thanks a lot for that one!

    Very interesting, seem accurate as well.

  • http://www.allartclassic.com Christian

    Hey guys it’s a great tool-the second one I mean.If it’s true it’s fantastic.My PR is jumping from flat to 5 !!!

  • Dantheman

    I found http://www.way2seo.com tool really most accurate and good news google pagerank update starts.

  • http://www.larrylim.net Larry

    The results from iwebtool tend to agree with the results from http://www.futurepagerank.net

  • http://www.a1whs.com a1whs.com

    Out of the above tools i find as stated before iwebtool accurate and also the new entry : seotime :) .

  • http://www.advancedwebtraffic.com Andrew

    This is sad , But google has changed in their xml . Now no one of above is working :-(

    I was checking this with seotime guys , they are trying hard to get this work again , But this not easy to beat google :-)

    Good Luck


  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren


    the Live PR aka RK aka XML will never work again.

    See here:

  • http://www.asterhost.com Sylwester

    Future pagerank is a big google secret :)

  • http://www.bianchinielusiardi.com riccarbi

    I’ve tried way2seo.com for my website (an architectural firm website with about 300 inbound links which is PR5 since a couple of years) http://www.bianchinielusiardi.com; it predicts the future PR dropping down from 5 to 0(!); I hope it wouldn’t be that accurate…

  • http://www.ediscountshopping.com Online Shopping

    I can’t wait for PR update. I am curious if get PR5.

  • http://www.catalogspot.com Coupons

    I just checked some sites and this tool predict a PR0. I have checked even yahoo.com hehehe and says about PR0. So this script is waste of time for now :(

  • http://www.my-woman.com Evgeniy

    I tried several tools for my dating site http://www.my-woman.com and I must say that I’m not quite satisfies with most of them as they do not show the accurate PR dropping from PR4 to PR0 – it cannot happen! Anyway the first tool http://www.way2seo.com/tools/prerank/ seems to be most accurate I must agree.

  • http://www.escortsnz.com/ John Ryan

    Any clues when the next updates going down? iWeb got us at PR3, but I won’t believe it till I see it.

  • http://www.genc-tr.com Genc

    Hi friends…Future pagerank is a big google secret

  • http://donomarlive.blogspot.com Don Omar

    Its a total mystery.

  • http://isnm.de/~janiszew/ Krasz

    It’s all useless guys! My sites are not found or the prediction is not accurate. I heard that some companies make those predicting tools for fun!

  • http://www.inetzeal.com/ Inetzeal Network

    Iwebtool Seems okay for me. its results are likely to accurate.

  • http://www.squareoneseo.com Link Building Services

    I checked my site with Iwebtool and it predicts a PR 3 for it. I am surprised with that as this is a very new site with few links.

  • http://www.argticaret.com can

    It’s all useless guys!

  • http://www.forex-directory.org Forex Webdirectory

    I has try for http://www.forex-directory.org and got prediction pr7 (now is pr5), will see after update . Btw looks like pr update coming soon .

  • http://www.sernak.com Baris CAN

    And I dont wanna miss a thing

  • http://3w.ezer.com/robots/ Tutorials Memo

    You may add one more different tool.
    Another google PR prediction tool
    You may get free code :
    It is power by Ezer

  • http://www.escortsnz.com John Ryan

    Yes I think the Ezer result is a bit fairer – we only got our PR 5 and silly iWeb are predicting a 4 .. Ezer holds at 5 which makes more sense considering we’ve only had it for less than a week.

  • http://www.excellentguide.com/article Article Directory

    page rank perdiction tools have never been accurate in my opinion.

  • http://www.social-engineering.eu AZOR

    The – http://link.ezer.com/tools/pagerank_prediction_tool_code.asp
    looks great, i think best what i seen. All my predict should be possible (but i m not lucky from some predicts)
    Thx for link

  • http://www.immagimario.it Mario Montalto

    among all the tools this is the best http://www.way2seo.com/

  • http://www.social-engineering.eu AZOR

    yep, it looks very very nice (way2seo) but tool should count pagerank from 0,85+1/m… if it showing link with pagerank,links…
    (sorry for my bad english :D )

  • http://links-to-us.com Kay

    I have tried all the tools above and some predict pr staying at 1 another 2 and iwebtool predicts 4, dont know quite anxious to see

  • http://www.freeguideinfo.com Jayakanthan

    What’s the estimated time did google updates PR? like 3 months, 6 months etc…

  • http://2mob.net/ 2mob.net

    i web tool has been quite accurate for our 2mob.net website but I guess we’ll see
    how accurate on the next update.

  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren

    What’s the estimated time did google updates PR? like 3 months, 6 months etc…

    Like every 3 months. The next one is estimated on the October 11th.

  • http://www.mcdaavsystems.com Anand Prakash

    I think that the predictions made by the above mentioned tools are not accurate because I have checked these tools against few urls and all these tools are giving different results. Iweb is predicting a pagerank of 2.9(3) with a probability of 86.6% and other tools rae predcting PR -0.
    So every thing depends upon the quality of back links coming for the website.

  • http://marvinperry.org Kevin

    I think iwebtool’s page rank prediction is inaccurate.

  • http://athletic-dating.com Tom

    Does anyone know when the next pr update is going to be?

  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren

    They are all inaccurate.

    Does anyone know when the next pr update is going to be?

    The next one is estimated on the October 11th.

  • http://www.cascandra.com Mustafa

    some links broken and some link didnt work correctly. iwebtool is great for me.

  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren

    some links broken and some link didnt work correctly. iwebtool is great for me.

    Thanks, I have cleaned up the list.

    I am sorry to say but iwebtool sucks.

  • http://americanahost.com bill

    there is something wrong in SEO Time PR prediction tool

    i found this message ( could not open XML input)

  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren

    there is something wrong in SEO Time PR prediction tool

    i found this message ( could not open XML input)

    I just tried and I got a 0 for this site. So I will comment that. And I have a new one that I found and will add to the list:

  • http://www.cascandra.com Mustafa

    Thanks, I have cleaned up the list.

    I am sorry to say but iwebtool sucks.

    Your are welcome. and your last url is great. Thanks again.

  • http://freewarelist.net Sam Boja

    i love the 1st one, it shows the backlinks

  • http://www.benfatto.org bobby

    nice site

  • http://www.liste-des-annuaires.com mehdi

    Thank you, I think that iwebtool is the best, it offers a lot of tools besides pagerank prediction for webmasters, I think it deserve the first place.

  • http://www.tatilium.com tatil rehberi

    nice site

  • http://www.tatvasoft.com Software Development Company

    Nice tool but some time give a diffrent result. I think Tool is in updation version.


  • http://www.hamkalink.com hamkalink

    Thanks for the info! iwebtools looks cool.

  • http://popsops.com Kostya

    Thanks for the info!!! http://popsops.com

  • http://www.simple-hosting.nl Simple Hosting

    Thanks iwebtool.com is a great website http://www.simple-hosting.nl

  • http://www.enaturaltherapy.com/ Aromatherapy London

    For now iwebtool can’t predict my PR :(

  • http://www.netfreez.com Cellular Gadgets

    Hello Jim,

    I have tried the tools you have listed and they seem to work find, whether or not the data is realistic is debatable but it’s certainly a nice tool to nevigate around and utilize to inform yourself about your progress. I have also noticed that the tool provided by SEOTime.com does not work, it predicts Yahoo.com to be PR0, hmmmm – maybe it’s time to sell my yahoo stocks.


  • http://www.polish-goods.pl Polish Pottery

    Thank you, I think that iwebtool is the best, it offers a lot of tools besides pagerank prediction for webmasters, I think it deserve the first place.
    Marek – Polish Pottery

  • http://www.alphagiga.com/blog/ ahmad uzair

    why that the page rank tool predict my pagerank 0?can u help this?

    this is my url http://www.alphagiga.com/blog/

  • http://www.satilik-kiralik.web.tr emre onat

    rustybrick predicts my pagerank after next update as 0, while iweb says it will be 4. so lets wait until the update to see who the boss is!
    my site: http://www.satilik-kiralik.web.tr

  • http://www.lycosasia.com.my/malaysiaflorist Malaysia florist

    the http://www.way2seo.com/ comes out ” This account has been suspended” …. any idea what happen ?

  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren

    the http://www.way2seo.com/ comes out ” This account has been suspended” …. any idea what happen ?

    No idea, but it is removed from my list since long.

  • http://www.eSaudi.info eSaudi.info

    Hi all..

    I Loved the online-utility.org but I facing a problem with my Site ..

    it is not showing all the backlink … there is about 6 “5pr back links” missing ???

    thanks & Regards

  • http://www.earnfx.com earnfx.com

    I think first 2 are the best ??? :)

  • http://www.onlinepersian.com/ iran webhosting

    I use IwebTool , is Very Good , Thank

  • http://www.clubbing-uk.com Owen Daniel

    Hey Jim, excellent resource page – IWebTool is deffinitely my fave but that states we’re heading for PR5, the rest say we’re either staying on 4, some even say we’re heading for 0???

    Can anyone really say for sure?

  • Dave Butler

    Jim, Looks like the online-utility.org folks took down the PR prediction tool which is bad news. I really liked using it since it also was a way to check on other sites higher than me in the serps.

  • http://www.modsheet.com Free Modeling Portfolios

    I agree, the iwebtool pagerank prediction doesn’t seem very accurate. However, going to iwebtool.com/yourdomain.com shows a lot of information all in one easy check so you can see your PR, number of backlinks for the major engines, and Alexa ranking all in one spot.

  • http://www.tradeweblinks.com keyur parmar


    do you guys have tested and found 100% accurate any tool ?

  • http://www.legendst.com.my/marble-product.html Malaysia marble and granite

    the future backlink prediction from online-utility.org seems cannot function anymore.

  • http://www.reproductionsart.com Christian

    Why is this that no results are shown any more from online-utility.org. I think they used to give the most accurate results.

  • http://www.lifeinsexpo.com Simon

    Most of the pagerank predictors are powered by iwebtool. Is there any tool that is not powered by the iwebtool. Because in the last week the predicted rank for my site was “3″. But today it is showing as “1″. But the accuracy shown is “100%”. I think the PR is predicted on accuracy. when it was around 85% , the predicted PR was 3 , when it went to 100% it is showing as 1. Any ideas on this would be of help to me.

  • http://www.skdunkworld.blogspot.com SK_nba

    I choose iwebtool

  • http://www.imobilecentral.be iMobile Central Directory

    i am not able to get a clear picture in any tools

  • http://www.greenlush.com Jason Bates

    I used iwebtool but it isnt that great so now i use http://www.proogle.net its much better

  • http://www.sgdnetworks.com/web-promotion/search-engine-optimization.html SEO India

    Dear Jim,

    i have tested iwebtool and rustybrick since a longtime to check PR prediction for next google update, you don’t beleive onething that some times rustybrick shows shocking prediction, i don’t know on what basis they show it.

    when i check this tool with my websites some sites shows PR 10 as prediction, i am sorry i was in full happy by that time its all happen a year or so ago.

    iwebtool is some what better.

    i haven’t found google PR prediction with http://www.online-utility.org, please post the link here if you have one.


  • http://prettypetz.net Matthew

    I have used iwebtool for a couple of months for my site http://www.prettypetz.net and after the update I think it is very accurate. I have tried rustybrick and other but I really think iwebtool is the best. But they are all intended for fun!

  • http://www.icbsp.com Shekhar Singh

    Before 11th January2007 one of my website was having 0 pagerank and when I used to check it in iwebtool then it showed PR1 with 100% accuracy. But on 11th jan 2007 that website got PR3. So I don’t think iwebtool or for that matter any such websites are good predictor(because I have used all of them).

  • http://www.athletic-dating.com/ Kevin

    Does anyone know when the next page rank update is?

  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren
  • http://www.999pro.com Matias Gemelli

    i think iwebtool pagerank is wrong, can anyone tell me all pagerank prediction tools or site, so i can check my web directory.
    http://999pro.com now is pagerank 0 but i hope tha i get some pagerank, is only one month active.

  • http://usb-mania.com memorias usb logo

    “PageRank paranoia” is an issue that every webmaster may fall victim to sonner or later.. As a rule of thumb, watch the green bar with interest but don’t take it too seriously or spend too much time trying to force it to increase. There are even rumours that Google will be changing the PageRank system because they are not happy with how it is being manipulated and interpreted.
    Keep it real!

  • http://www.globaloptimisation.com Nasir

    I have used iwebtool page rank prediction and I found that it is not accurate.

  • http://www.4webz.com Free Web Tools

    I Wish I found accurate pr prediction tool one day :)

  • http://www.diyetuzmani.com Diyet uzmani

    Jim, Looks like the online-utility.org folks took down the PR prediction tool which is bad news. I really liked using it since it also was a way to check on other sites higher than me in the serps.

  • http://www.freedownload.ir koozehchian

    thank you
    very good

  • http://www.robian.com.sa yawar

    I want to know how can i find EXACT Future PageRank Prediction of my website http://www.robian.com.sa

  • http://www.vynet.com Site Ekle

    I choose iwebtool

  • http://www.planetindex.org Marco

    iwebtool is also my favorite, although recently i have been unable to get
    a result from the tool.
    Not sure why this is happening anyone have any ideas?



  • http://www.robian.com.sa yawar

    iwebtool is not getting results anymore. I think iwebtool was getting links from MSN & now MSN changed the way thats y.

  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren


    iwebtool seem to work now again.

  • http://www.onlyoffers.org Bally

    I just want to know what dates does the page rank gets updated or after how many number of days?

  • http://www.aradur.com halit

    i want to learn my future pagerank but i am not sure iwebtools results!
    my adress is http://www.aradur.com its current pagerank is 4 but iwebtool says 6

  • http://linki.seo-pozycjonowanie.pl Linki

    Yep, iwebtool work again.

  • http://www.panremmus.co.uk Damien Jorgensen

    Well I think they are sort of useful

  • http://www.nerdt.nl moppen

    Oke predicted 4 but still on 3 that is not so great!

  • http://www.spotesya.com/ Joe Blow

    hello can u help me about my pagerank prediction. my website is http://www.spotesya.com/

  • http://www.mircsitesi.com/ mirc

    is there any tool to check my web site pr ?

  • http://www.fdl.ir mjk

    very good tutorial and nice website

  • Spanky

    iwebtool page prediction does suck as with most of their tools!!!!!!!!

  • http://sklep.apteka-cito.pl Apteka internetowa

    It’s very good article. Great site with very good look and perfect information…I like it

  • http://www.property-bangkok.com Neil Simmons

    Not too long ago it was possible to check the google pagerank prediction with less than 100 backlinks. Does anyone know why this is no longer possible?

  • http://www.itpex.com kevin

    hi, the iwebtools is not good because the prediction is changing everytime I check it.

  • http://www.itsanat.com kevin

    Please, anybody does know the next date of google dance or update page rank?


  • http://www.ftavip.com Fta
  • http://www.ftavip.com Fta

    The next PR update is this month July


  • http://www.uskshop.com uskshop

    Thanks for the info!!!

  • http://www.anarsist.org/ Felsefe

    Thanks for the info!
    iwebtools looks good.


  • http://www.siirtliyiz.com siirt


  • http://www.spotesya.com/ Martin

    Oke predicted 4 but still on 3 that is not so great!

  • http://targetlife.wordpress.com satya


    This is the only site that works now…all others except iwebtools give wrong results i think..

  • http://www.egegelisim.org aytac

    thanks, it s great job.

  • http://www.onlinetheorieles.nl Richard

    Thanks for the great info!
    iwebtools looks very good.


  • http://www.nienteansia.it Ernesto

    Thanks for the links.

    I have tried them all, and they give different results sometimes.

    I just can’t have Rustybricks’ tool working… it says 0 every time I try it!!

  • http://www.uskshop.com uskshop

    I think first 2 are the best ???

  • http://www.dynaseo.com/sem/ dynaSEO

    Great Tools! I love it.
    Also You can find other SEO tools in dynaseo.com

    Have good time

  • http://www.seo4company.com Jonson

    The tools seem not working well, how do you all think?

  • http://www.lookfling.com Fling

    Very nice site with useful info. Thanks for sharing this.

  • http://www.seono1.co.za Lajocar

    Thanks for the info. I prefer iwebtool

  • http://www.seono1.co.za Lajocar
  • http://www.satellitetv-center.com/ watch tv

    All the tools are just for fun, don’t fret about it people.

  • http://www.dailyfling.com/ fling

    Nice collection of resources. Thanks

  • http://www.mobileapples.com raj

    Excellent tools and resource.


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  • http://mitesh.webng.com Mitesh Rami

    iwebtool is the simply the best and most accurate i have found so far.

    Resouces provided in the above post are great. I must say its Nice collection of resources. predicting the future page rank is always interesting. Thanks for sharing great info.

    Thanks once again

  • http://www.turkiyemirc.org mirc

    thanks for apologies.
    thank you too much..

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    It’s a great tool: iwebtools. My PR is jumping to 5 :)

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    since last many years, iwebtool is best pr prediction service provider
    thanks anyways.

  • http://www.isellpagerank.com Anthony F (Marine Sniper)


  • http://www.baresdebuenosaires.com Bares De Buenos Aires

    Hi, i think the pagerank update o my site will give a pr 6 , is what iwebtool says to me! jo jo

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    This has helped me understand seo in a different way.

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    It easy and simple to use.

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    The results of Seotime’s tools are te best. In good detail, but I think the interface needs improving.
    Thanks for a great post Jim!

  • http://www.mobileapples.com raj

    Yes, I checked IWebtool PR predication and it has got some other SEO useful tools.

  • http://m.tg-jiu.ro madalin

    It looks like every ‘tool’ that can predict your PR is dead. Or down. So, none of the above work.

  • http://www.hanusoftware.com software development outsourcing

    nice tool

    but i think there is some need to modify it

    because some time it give different result

    From Rakesh

  • http://www.soho-properties.com Chris Heath

    Page rank is no longer that relevant my site was recently downgraded from a five to a three and other comparable site don’t have half the content or relevancy.

  • http://www.flasharcadegamessite.com flash arcade games

    None of the tools seem to work anymore.
    I think your quite right though in that we should be looking to write good content as opposed to worrying about pageranks.

  • http://www.zoqaa.com zoqaa

    woww good archive.. but most of them using iwebtool’s google prediction tool.

  • http://www.soho-properties.com charles wheeler

    I found the iweb tools great, for the reason you can check multiple sites.

  • http://www.claudiudesign.org Professional Web Design | Web Design Romania | Flash Web design

    I have been using the pagerank predictor from iwebtool and it didn’t work for me

  • http://www.p-a-r-a-d-i-s-e.blogspot.com/ Serin

    is there any tool to check my web site pr ?

  • http://www.property-bangkok.net Alec Bobdon

    I have found this site very useful: http://www.domain-pop.com. It used to be very useful because it would list the backlinks in order of PR. I found it to be a good guide for comparing websites. However, for some reason they have stopped the PR service so I can no longer check the PR of my backlinks. Does anyone know of any other good sites for checking PR of backlinks??

  • http://www.condobangkok.net Lyn Smith

    Hi Surin,

    You can see your pagerank by downloading the ‘Google Toolbar’.

  • Bob

    I agree, the iwebtool pagerank prediction doesn’t seem very accurate.
    Terrible is the truth!


  • http://www.apartmentbangkok.net Peter Bland

    Google Pagerank has very little relevance to positioning on Google. A site may have a PR5, but get beaten on it’s key search terms by a PR1. I think it’s more important to make sure that the search engines can easily identify your key search terms, which means having them clear and easy to see in your title, META, description, domain name, anchor text and relevancy of your backlinks.

    I also believe that it’s not just the number of backlinks that you have, but the number of different domains linking back to you. PR is not important!!

    Does anyone else agree ?????

  • http://www.gomylocal/ gomylocal

    when will the next google pagerank happen? and how iwll we know when it is happening? I’ve heard talk of May 21st, 08

  • http://www.bedavalar.tr.gg ali

    thanks. super site

  • http://www.property-bangkok.com Neil Simmons

    The Google Webmasters service is quite good. You can find it at http://www.google.com/webmasters

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  • http://cozay1.blogspot.com Mugabe

    great! thanks for sharing!

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    Future pagerank prediction tool does not determine the real pr, so do not depend too much hope on it.

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