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Backlink Generator

I was drafting on a new article but I missed a word to describe something specific. Let me coin the term “Backlink Generator”. EDIT: Article now written here.

With “Backlink Generator” I mean a “machine” that generates backlinks passively. It is a tool, script or something else which makes people link to it without any effort from your part.

What is the difference between a Link Bait and a Backlink Generator?

With Link Bait people link to you because of the content. With a Backlink Generator people link to you because it is forced or made like that.

4 examples of good Backlink Generators

There are many more Backlink Generators that can be created, those are just from the top of my head and what I deem the most effective ones.

An SEO contest is a good Link Bait if executed well. If you then also force the contestants to link to you it also becomes a good Backlink Generator and even a better Link Bait due to the controversy …

It is very easy for a Backlink Generator to get a lot of links and good PR. I manage myself 5 and they are all PR 5-6 and each day they get about 2 new good backlinks, passively.

Use your Backlink Generators to link to your content sites!

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    No, sorry this article is not yet written. I have a lot of ideas and there will be some nice articles in the future.

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