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The latest news in the world of SEO (this is written on October 15th 2006):

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About the Author Jim Westergren Jim Westergren is a web entrepreneur from Sweden now living in Bolivia. He is happily married and has two lovely children. Some of his interests are web development, SEO and writing. He is the Founder and CTO of TodaysWeb and his current major project is N.nu. Read his . Follow Jim on Twitter or Google+.
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    I have a request, beside talking about SEO news in google, can you ask give some news from Yahoo ? for example, Yahoo recently change the algo and it take more weight for the website that already ranked in Yahoo directory.


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    After Yahoo change Algo, i found it is worse. the results is not accurate than before, and my ranking goes up and down in 2 months time. don’t know what happen…

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    thanks for the information. Is there any update recently since this is 2 months past.

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    yes, it is 4 months past… a lot of changes in SE industries….

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    The latest SEO info for google : the PR just update in January.

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    Yahoo also has an important update : Yahoo now may use anchor text to replace a website’s title.

  • http://www.jimwestergren.com/about-me-jim-westergren/ Jim Westergren

    Yes, this is quite an old post. Maybe I should keep it updated …

    Both the PR update and the change of title in the yahoo algo is both new news.


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    Yahoo algo change back to normal now… may be too many people complain… :P

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    recently google has come out an new scheme called pay-per-action… may be it will soon replace the pay per click

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    Yahoo search results seems not very stable afer the algo changed, i have few websites today rank top 10, then tomorrow drop to 30+ and then go back to top 20…. and i din’t change any things to the website…

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    My rank drop so much as if i never started. Its horrible

  • http://www.epayasia.com.my malaysia boleh

    Seem the DMOZ directory submit is down. Can’t add anything for the past month or so. Any idea where will it be up?

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    Does google universal search affect SEO ? what is you opinion on it ?

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    Thats really great and intresting article
    i was searching informations about this.. and i found your blog :D

    Thx for this article, i will be back here often ;)

    Greetings, Search Boy

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    Looks like a lot of the posters here are using this page to link to the sites they are doing optimization. But now that the nofollow tag has been added it would not contribute anything to the page ranks. lolz

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    Yahoo had a new algo update, it getting worse…I have same experience with some of you guys. Some days my page ranking in top 10, some other days can be on 100 or 150… It really confused.

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    Yahoo using anchor text to replace your site title, how would that work? What if you have 1K or 2K sites referring back to you, all using a variation of anchor text? Some sites would even have bad, dumb anchors.

    Hopefully that won’t happen.

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    I was looking for latest seo news but i got this almost 2 year old news.

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    Thanks for update but i think this time we have to become more conscious because now Google change algorithm for link spammer.

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    Very useful topic. Keep posted about the updates. I have saved this page and checking it for the SEO updates. Thanks for sharing!

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    Great article never know that google paid so much for youtube very interesting info! Thanks! keep up the good work!

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    I suppose the things keep on changing all the time and within fraction of seconds they become completely what they had never been.

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