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Guide: WordPress with Maximum Performance and Speed

Posted in Performance,WordPress on October 25th, 2012.

This is a step by step guide in which I will show you how to setup WordPress with maximum speed and performance for just $15 per month utilizing Nginx + PHP-FPM + APC + Cloudflare + Redis. It is the same that this blog is using and I will show you how. No need for [...]

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Hacks to boost your WordPress 2.7 blog

Posted in WordPress on January 11th, 2009.

WordPress 2.7 is overall great and I recommend you to downloand and upgrade. There are however some fixes and recommendations I deem as important. Solving problem with duplicated URLs with comment paging WordPress 2.7 introduced a new way of displaying comments that is turned on by default. Unfortunately the way that this was constructed is [...]

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SEO for WordPress – The Complete Guide

Posted in SEO Articles,WordPress on March 20th, 2007.

I’m an SEO and I have been working a lot with WordPress, here I give you all my tips for you to rank very well in Google with your blog. UPDATE: This article was written in march 2007 and has not been updated since then, although many parts are still relevant. You should see my [...]

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Link to Me Textbox WordPress Plugin

Posted in Link Building,WordPress on November 6th, 2006.

This is a WordPress plugin that will give you more links and higher rankings in the search engines. Most bloggers knows the importance of getting links in order to get high rankings in search engines. But did you know that the best links are those that are natural recommendations? Additionally I experienced better rankings across [...]

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Tutorial: Automatic Site Map for WordPress

Posted in WordPress on October 22nd, 2006.

To improve the navigation of your users as well as search engine traffic and ranking to your WordPress blog I suggest making a good site map of your posts – a map of your site. A kind of user friendly archive of your posts. This is not “Google sitemap”! The benefits: The user can quickly [...]

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WordPress Plugins Used

Posted in WordPress on February 5th, 2006.

Here are the Plugins that I currently use on this blog and I like them a lot. Link to Me Textbox by Jim Westergren This plugin will set up a “link to me textbox” with HTML code in your blog posts and increase your search engine rankings. Exec-PHP by S├Âren Weber Executes <?php ?> code [...]

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WordPress users – sharpen your URLs with Google!

Posted in SEO,WordPress on January 24th, 2006.

Update: October 1, 2009 This article is from january 2006. In new versions of WordPress all the things in this article is being taken care of automatically. DO NOT USE IT ANYMORE. First of all you must enable the permalinks, but that you probably already have done. Now to the point. Did you know that [...]

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List of WordPress ping URLs

Posted in WordPress on January 4th, 2006.

Latest update around 2 years later: Check out The Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger Check out the big ping list of 56 URLs at this blog post. I have now added all those URLs to Options -> Writing -> Update Services in the admin, I only had 2 of them already. Will be very interesting [...]

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Changed theme! (again)

Posted in My sites,WordPress on December 12th, 2005.

This one I really like! Much better than the other one and I have integrated all the nice features that I had before. This one was not part of the around 200 themes that I was browsing before to select the previous one. I arrived to this one by following a signature link of a [...]

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Tutorial: Feed your sites by blogging!

Posted in Link Building,My sites,SEO Articles,WordPress on November 30th, 2005.

Notice: This article is from 2005. I have written a new one in 2009 about this same thing but much more good that can be read here. Are you also the kind of webmaster with 5, 10 or even 20 web sites with the plan of making a living only through your own sites? How [...]

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