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Latest news of 2008 so far

Posted in My life,My Plans on April 21st, 2008.

I have not been posting any updates or reports on this site since the end of last year so here comes all major things since the last 3 and a half months. There has been quite a lot of positive things that has happened. Major consultant work for Svensk Internetrekrytering AB In the beginning of [...]

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Second Annual Report, My Success Online

Posted in My Plans,stories from the past on January 12th, 2007.

This was supposed to be published on the 5th of December but the work in my company has been overwhelming, so I give it to you now instead. This is the second annual report on how a young person in Sweden with absolutely no money, knowledge or connections could sit down and learn, observe and [...]

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Important Major Business Decision

Posted in My Plans on October 2nd, 2006.

Swedish translation My company has expanded far more than expected. Today I have partnership with over 10 companies and individuals around the world and additionally my father, brother and sister are working with administrative duties. It has come to a critical point in which I impossible can deliver from the demand of service that I [...]

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Vacation mixed with company planning

Posted in My Plans on May 26th, 2006.

On the May 11-12, 2006 I was out for vacation/planning in a very nice place in Sweden called BĂ„stad and Hovs Hallar. I had been working for many weeks in front of the computer and so it was very nice to have some real nature. With my partner Peter Larsson we did some major financial [...]

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V7N SEO Contest is over – Which KWs is next?

Posted in General,My Plans on May 17th, 2006.

Ok, I came #2 on the contest. I had planned to win, but ok. For more info on that contest, read my contest page here. I got some major media coverage, especially in Sweden. Newspapers, radio and even TV (unknown channel). So now that is over – which keywords do I plan to “win” now? [...]

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Major business investment done

Posted in My Plans on January 11th, 2006.

I have just finalized negotiations and invested quite some money on something that will take my SEO business to a whole new level in the future. It is not released yet, so I won’t give you more info. Perhaps I can announce it a week from now. Meanwhile I want to tell you that you [...]

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First annual report, my success online

Posted in My Plans,stories from the past on December 21st, 2005.

On the 5th of December 2004 I returned to Sweden after having been worked in a non-profit organization in Denmark for 5 years. I had no contact with internet during those years and before that in 1999 I had only some minor basic knowledge with HTML. Everything I owned then was about $40, around 20 [...]

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My Dream

Posted in Essays,My Plans,Philosophy on January 29th, 2004.

It is in my belief that creation, imagination, future-speculations and demonstrations concerning the deep philosophical questions are a much higher activity of man and I consider it one of his superior virtues. That field is Science Fiction – and that is why I am a Sci-Fi writer. If man would spend some more time communicating [...]

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